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“It was the most breath taking, eye opening, tearful speech I had ever heard. I am blessed to have been in the audience that day…”

Tricia Gardner – Iowa  

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After listening to Brian Grasso speak, what seemed to be so complicated suddenly became simple to me. The number one lesson my students and I took away from Brian’s presentation is that one person really can change the world. If that’s not the most powerful message for human beings, I can’t imagine what is…

Sylvie Jackson
Lindsay Place High School – Teacher
(Montreal, Canada)

I just wanted to tell you that I didn’t just hear what you said tonight, I felt it. “Life By Numbers” gave me chills and you are even more electrifying in person. It was an honor listening to you speak. I absolutely love the way your mind works…or should I say your heart. It is truly incredible.

Allison Pfrommer
Ursinus College
(Collegeville, Pennsylvania)

An important message to high school students about perception and the role we play in building the way we see and are seen

(Perspectives High School – Montreal, Canada)

The incredible role of self-expectation and responsibility in the effort of achieving anything you dream in life 

(Perspectives High School – Montreal, Canada)

Never allow your past performance to become the prediction of your future worth.  Why ‘happy’ is the cornerstone for a successful life

(Perspectives High School – Montreal, Canada)

The road to success will never be paved by people who opt to carry a victim mentality.  Take responsibility and achieve

(Perspectives High School – Montreal, Canada)

Book Brian Grasso for your inspirational eventI want to thank YOU!! This was THE most successful presentation we have had at Perspectives I!! You have touched the lives of all our students in a way that we are unable to. When I heard one student tell Brian that he would regret it later if he didn’t take this opportunity to speak to him, I had tears in my eyes!!! This means the world to a kid like him and for him to get the courage to say that and then have a conversation just blows me away!!!

So THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for what you’ve already done – open the doors and give these kids hope!!! Everyone here (students and staff) have fallen in love with you guys!!!

Barbara White
Head Teacher – Perspectives 1
(Montreal, Canada)